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[-]Name:</b> Matt
[-]At least five of your top favorite bands explain why they are your favorites:
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: There are so many reasons why this band is one of the best bands of all times. They have the Wooten brothers holding down the rhythm section. Victor is a fantastic player and his style of playing isinstantly recognizable. He can play funk, jazz, fusion, rock, R&B, slap anything you throw at him he'll do. Future Man plays a electronic handheld drumset with one arm and acoustic drums with the other. He knows how to play a mad Udu. Their woodwin player is unbelievable. Watching a guy play a tenor and alto at the same time in harmony is stunning. And finally there is Bela. The fastest damn guitar/ banjo player ever. hes amazing. Put four virginian musical prodogies together and you get this band.

Prince: Prince is one of those sexy unbelievable artists who simply knows how to write hits. His smooth voice and his tight band is a great combination. Prince can play a mad guitar, slap a bass, hit the snare and sing. What more could you want.

Eric Whitacre: The greatest modern composer of all time. This guy writes some of the creepiest dark beautiful songs I have ever heard. Being a semi-proffesional string bass and cello player I know what its like to play this kind of stuff and I admire him for his work.

The Cure: When it comes to longevity in the pop-rock scene none compares to the cure. Robert Smith is a great love song writer and his simple melodies and ear-pleasing harmonies create some of the best hits of our time.

The Beatles: The most influencial, owe-it-all band of all time. They made the rock scene. They were always willing to change and never willing to give up what they wanted to do. their different types of music throughout the years is impressive and unbelievable. I know you are thinking how does a 16 year old trully admire the beatles but I love them because I know damn good music.

[-]At least five of your least favorite bands, again, explain:
Milli Vanilli: bad song that wasn't sung by them
Ashlee Simpson: ditto as above but even worse music
Creed:anoying chord progressions, terrible lyrics and a god (no pun intended) awful voice.
Simple PLan: i dont know the average age of the people on this community but if you know simple plan, you'll know why I hate them
The DOnnas: girl bands dont work. Although girl singers work well.
[-]What types of music you like and why: Punk, rap, hip hop, R&b, jazz, fusion, rock, pop-rock, pop, musicals, classical, modern classical, electronic. My ear enjoys them.
[-]What types of music you hate and why: Country-voices and the tone of the instruments namely the acoustic guitars and violins.
[-]Invite at least one person to the community that you think you would have a good debat with or promote in some way, prove it: I hope you can trust me when I say that I invited my friend.
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