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music rules


LOVES: Frank Zappa - Son of Mr. Green Jeans - nuff said I hope;  Captain Beefheart - screaming out of tune; Ani DiFranco - for being righteous; Dashboard Confessional - to remind me that men have emotions; My Chemical Romance - new found band - fun to scream to in the car; The White Stripes - gets stuck in my head; Johnny Cash - for being bad ass and eternally cool; Tool & A Perfect Circle - mad at them now for covering imagine .. grr; tons of other stuff, would have to go on and on all night ... Dylan - poet; GnR - my middle school romance with axl rose; radiohead - perfection; etc etc etc etc .... 

HATES: There's not much I really hate, I used to say I hate certain music because it didn't fit into the personality I was trying to fit into that week, now I don't descriminate.  I appreciate all music where there is talent.  I dislike rap with sampling - or anything stolen or overdone.

I like all types of music; metal, emo, punk, folk, blah blah. I have bands I secretly like, for example, eminem -- eek!  If you go by pure amount of music, I own about 45 Frank Zappa CDs, 25 Dylan, and all of Ani DiFranco, although lately I haven't been listening to any of those three artists, I've been obsessed with My Chemical Romance...

I'm not a fan of country, although I don't hate it.  Just don't like the sound.  Plus my ex-husband only listened to country, so I dislike it by association.  It's a principle thing ...

I'm not sure if I understand this last question, but I'd like to debate Freud, he was a coke head, and is the "father" of many theories on psychology.  I would like to pick at him a bit...

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