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Music Rules



Bands I like and why:
Nirvana- It was the first band I really got in to and pretty much started me in music. I just always felt I was the only one that felt that emotions couldn't be said with just one word like "sad" or "happy" and Nirvana's lyrics took emotion and broke it down to what he felt by not describing it as just one word but almost telling a story which talked about a feeling that was hard to describe and I don't know..it just seems their lyrics made a lot of sense to me in some odd way. Also Mr. Cobain's powerful voice and emotion he puts in to it mixed with a catchy melody and "harder" rock guitars then a lot of bands.

The Beatles-I grew up listening to them and I really feel that they started rock. They played a type of music that no one ever played before and played it the best. They were catchy and different and really are great at what they do. Its not only catchy music but a lot of their later stuff had a lot of meaning (white album era..so on)
The Pixies-with the mix of alternative guitars, screaming vocals and odd lyrics I can't help but love the pixies. They seem to know what they are doing and have a great time at it. Its catchy with a hard edge to it and it always seems to have you singing along even though you probably sing it better then they do one the cd. heehee.

Sonic Youth-This band i feel is so great mostly because they are so different. They play something they they want to play and aren't influensed by modern music at all. No matter what happens it seems Sonic Youth is always still just a great hard rock band. They never go soft. Personaly I love the insane guitars which have complicated tunings. I also think that the vocals really have a lot of feeling to them...kick ass band man.

Fugazi-They are half of Minor Threat plus some alternative guitars. Its like taking a already kick ass band and making then cool and alternative (which is what i like..heh) and well I feel that their lyrics..much like Minor Threat are socialy aware and important and their music is powerful and different then other bands.

Charles Bronson (the band)- Well the only thing that I can really say about this band is that I like them 'cause they kick ass. Hah. They are just a fast screaming hardcore crust band and I think they are just pretty kick ass. Just a band with great attitude.

Well that was already 5 bands and I don't feel like writing about the others that i like because my hand hurts and i am tired. Well just so you know here is a list of the rest (and the ones i said) of the bands I like... (i made it for like a myspace or some shit) The Breeders, Organized Confusion..Nirvana, The Kills, The White Stripes, The Velvet Underground, The Pixes, Courtney Love, The Smashing Pumpkins, T Rex (thanks kristen) Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Hole, Tripping Dasiys, Louis XIV, Mudhoney, The Germs, Charles Bronson (the band), Garbage, All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Beatles, Mates of State, Coldplay, The Cure, Hole, Queens of the Stone Age, Marcy's Playground, Horror Pops, The Vines, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, R.E.M, The Ramones, Robert Johnson, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, The Shins, The Dresden Dolls, The Softies, The Eagles, Elliott Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flogging Molly, Sex Pistols, Foo Fighters, Minor Threat, The New York Dolls, Spazz and Syndicated Apple.

I don't like modern music but I am aware of it. I just choose to listen to music with a little more meaning. I mean I know of emo bands or whatever I just don't really like them.. I wouldn't say hate though. So i guess my five least favorite bands would be like ummm anything i didn't list above..heehee.

I mostly listen to rock, alternative, indie, grunge, jazz, blues etc. blah blah and well stuff like. I like it well because i do...and it has meaning and the people in the bands care about the music and not fucking fashion or whatever is hip and new.

I don't like country at all. Thats pretty much it. Although I don't listen to rap I really have nothing against it. Country music just reminds me of hicks and I don't find it catchy. (not to offend anyone).

and ummm is that it? am i missing something i need? i kind of totally don't understand this system. go easy on me. i'm only 13.
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